Vikings Season 5 Rumors: Bishop Heahmund and Ivar Could Face a Major Clash

a few months ago

Vikings Season 5 rumors are pouring in every other day while the release date of the upcoming installment can be rolled out at any point of time. Recent reports highlighted Katheryn Winnick’s Instagram recent post which indicated that the new entry’s premier date can be declared soon. But the interest has currently shifted towards Bishop Heahmund.

Heahmund, who was introduced at the end of Vikings Season 4, could be one of the pivotal characters of the forthcoming entry. We have already got an insight into his character in the previously aired episode. The sword which he carried kept few viewers wondering due to the word which was embedded in it. ‘Ananyzapata’ is what it read and reports have stated that it could mean a magical spell.

Vikings Season 5 Rumors

We will certainly get to know a lot about Heahmund in Vikings Season 5 as Ivar and he might face a major clash. Sources had earlier highlighted that both the characters may form their own army of men and attack on each other. Getting deep into the speculations of Vikings Season 5, Heahmund is also anticipated to capture Ubbe and Hvitserk.

And on the other hand, Heahmund is also predicted to kill Ubbe in Vikings Season 5. Nothing has been confirmed about this particular news at this moment due to which we cannot draw a line right away.

Coming back to Vikings Season 5 release date, it might not have been officially declared yet but there are certainly reports which have speculated about the same. We can envision the new installment to premier by the end of this year.

Another speculation associated with the fifth entry of Vikings which is at rife is Sigurd’s comeback. According to fans, the character took his last breath in the previously telecast season but sources say that he might have escaped his death and could come back to the show yet again.

Vikings Season 5 is certainly going to be more deadly and intriguing as several other revelations would be made. The fans are already quite frenzied and now they are anxiously waiting for the forthcoming entry to premiere. And we can envision a some new Vikings Season 5 rumours coming on our way.

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