Showbox 4.94 APK Added New Features on board

a couple of months ago

Showbox is not only an app to watch free movies and TV Shows but also a whole new world full of entertainment. It created a huge fan base around the world with regular content updates, and the very basic thing which has kept Showbox stands ahead of all the other online movie streaming apps is its system or app update at regular interval.

Showbox 4.94 APK- New Features & Changes

An update isn’t about changes in the interface for superior user experiences, but sometimes it fixes some crucial bugs and makes the app run faster.

There are so many technical issues revolve around an update of an app. Starting from minimizing the size of the app to increase server response timing by shortening the codes.

Showbox has released its new update of apk, a new version of the app. The version code name is 4.94; it has arrived just after a month of release of the earlier one, 4.93. Let’s move to the technical analysis of the whole new version of the Showbox APK.

Changes in the interface of the app

Well, it’s not like that you won’t see a fully new design, but some tweaks in button designs instead. The Watch Now and Download button have been redesigned, and now these look crispier than the previous design.

Changes in streaming Window

I personally disagree with the change, and according to me, the previous one was better. With the new update, you can’t play videos in part. That means you will miss the option of minimizing the window of the running video while scrolling for more videos simultaneously. YouTube was the pioneer of this design and Showbox adopted that same, but somehow the developers behind it didn’t feel that right and had removed that feature- A mistake of course.

# Showbox brought the feature onboard a few updates ago, and many users reported bugs in the loops of the process though with few subsequent updates it became almost okay from every technical corner and user’s point of view, but I am not sure what compelled them to sacrifice this awesome feature!

Changes in nomenclature of the server

It’s not a big change, earlier when you select a video; there were two options for servers- Server 3 and Server 4, but now, the nomenclature of the servers have been changed into alphabetic from numeric. Now, these are Server A and Server B.

Do you like these changes in the latest Showbox Apk? Let us know your views and findings.

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