Vikings Season 5: Here’s Why Sigurd Could be Alive

9 months ago

The shooting for Vikings Season 5 has already come to a conclusion but it seems that every other day some or the other speculation is pouring in. And this will certainly happen until the new installment gets broadcast of History channel. The historical drama series which created ineradicable mark on the small screens has delivered four successful and victorious installments due to which the expectations from Vikings Season 5 has certainly elevated to a great extent. Talking about rumors related to the next season, we did see Sigurd’s death which was caused by the ferocious Ivar. But now it seems that the character could actually make a comeback on the fifth season.

Vikings Season 5

Is Sigurd still alive?

There are quite a lot of theories which are emerging regarding the speculation, and sources say that Sigurd did not die when Ivar planted an axe on his abdomen rather he might have been unconscious due to that. However, fans also think that just because the axe was too small, it might not have killed Sigurd.

If at all Sigurd happens to be alive and reappear on the show, then the tables would surely turn and something jaw-dropping may take place. So can we say that Sigurd’s wrath for Ivar will grow and he will try his best to take the revenge from his brother?

Even after the filming has come to a conclusion, people are still not aware of the release date of Vikings Season 5 but speculations highlight that the new entry in the series could get telecast by the end of this year. And on the other hand, some fans are envisioning the season to be out in Fall 2017.

Many of them are already getting impatient and anxious to witness the happenings of the fifth installment already. And the other rumors related to the show have made them more frenzy. Floki this time could make his fans jaw-dropped by discovering Iceland and this has almost every probability of happening as several sources have spoken about the same.

Vikings Season 5 might air a bit late but we are expecting to hear some more speculations related to the forthcoming entry.

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