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Showbox 4.94 APK Added New Features on board

a couple of months ago

Showbox is not only an app to watch free movies and TV Shows but also a whole new world full of entertainment. It created a huge fan base around the world with regular content updates, and the very basic thing which has kept Showbox stands ahead of all the other online movie streaming apps is its system or app update at regular interval.

Showbox 4.94 APK- New Features & Changes

An update isn’t about changes in the interface for superior user experiences, but sometimes it fixes some crucial bugs and makes the app run faster.

There are so many technical issues revolve around an update of an app. Starting from minimizing the size of the app to increase server response timing by shortening the codes.

Showbox has released its new update of apk, a new version of the app. The version code name is 4.94; it has arrived just after a month of release of the earlier one, 4.93. Let’s move to the technical analysis of the whole new version of the Showbox APK.

Changes in the interface of the app

Well, it’s not like that you won’t see a fully new design, but some tweaks in button designs instead. The Watch Now and Download button have been redesigned, and now these look crispier than the previous design.

Changes in streaming Window

I personally disagree with the change, and according to me, the previous one was better. With the new update, you can’t play videos in part. That means you will miss the option of minimizing the window of the running video while scrolling for more videos simultaneously. YouTube was the pioneer of this design and Showbox adopted that same, but somehow the developers behind it didn’t feel that right and had removed that feature- A mistake of course.

# Showbox brought the feature onboard a few updates ago, and many users reported bugs in the loops of the process though with few subsequent updates it became almost okay from every technical corner and user’s point of view, but I am not sure what compelled them to sacrifice this awesome feature!

Changes in nomenclature of the server

It’s not a big change, earlier when you select a video; there were two options for servers- Server 3 and Server 4, but now, the nomenclature of the servers have been changed into alphabetic from numeric. Now, these are Server A and Server B.

Do you like these changes in the latest Showbox Apk? Let us know your views and findings.

Vikings Season 5 First Look Revealed, Bishop Heahmund and Ivar are Set for a Battle

a few months ago

After waiting for quite a long time, viewers finally got an insight into Vikings Season 5 first look. Exclusively reported by Entertainment Weekly, the images focus on three of the most crucial characters of the show, Ivar, Bishop Heahmund and Bjorn. Therefore, the all new images of Vikings Season 5 have made fans exhilarated.

If you look carefully at the pictures, you will realize that Ivar and Heahmund are at the same battle field but the former is left dispirited and the latter looks quite determined. And Bjorn on the other hand, is seen riding on camel in a dessert.

Vikings Season 5 First Look

Earlier speculations had already highlighted that there would be a major face-off between Ivar and Heahmund in the upcoming installment. And now it seems that the scenario has every possibility of taking place.

First Look of Vikings Season 5

Coming to the character of Bjorn, we already know that he could go to the Mediterranean for raiding and might get killed there. But the recently rolled out image of Bjorn have kept the hopes of fans intact. And after the revelation of Vikings Season 5 pictures, fans are now waiting to witness his fate on the new installment.

Vikings Season 5 1st Look

The first look of Vikings Season 5 has elevated the excitement quotient of almost every fan. And now they are looking forward to get an insight into the release date of the entry. Talking about other rumors related to the forthcoming entry of the historical drama series, it has been said that Sigurd could be alive. We saw the character breathing his last in the previously aired season but several fan theories say that he might have escaped his death. But we cannot say anything regarding the speculation right now and need to wait for the telecast of the fifth season.

​Vikings Season 5 first look has certainly made fans excited but they are looking forward to get more insight into the happenings of the new entry. And the upcoming installment is definitely going to keep viewers hooked on to it.

Vikings Season 5 Release Date will be Announced at SDCC, Installment Could be the Last One

a few months ago

We already know that Vikings Season 5 will appear on San Diego Comic Con 2017 festival and now it seems that even the air date of the installment will be announced during the event. So we can surely envision getting more insight into Vikings Season 5 release date in the coming days. People are expecting the new entry to be telecast on History channel in November this year, but we need to wait until an official confirmation is made.

Apart from the Vikings Season 5 release date, people are also excited to know what is in store for them in the new entry. But there could be a dispiriting news ahead of them as reports have now stated that the upcoming installment might be the last one in the series. This news came into the picture when the same was hinted in Alex Høgh Andersen’s mockumentary.

Vikings Season 5 Release Date

​If you watch the video properly, you will get to see Hvitserk saying that the entry will conclude right after the broadcast of the upcoming season. But we cannot really come to a proper conclusion right now as the news is not officially confirmed.

Coming back to the release date of Vikings Season 5, fans got a hint of the new installment getting premiered this year when Alex Høgh Andersen announced about the same. And on the other hand, Clive Standen also stated that the upcoming installment will appear on the small screens by the end of 2017 but avoided telling the exact premiere date of Vikings Season 5.

We already know that the last season was broadcasted in two parts and now it seems that even Vikings Season 5 will be divided into two halves. It is quite obvious that the upcoming season is going to be much more absorbing than all the other four entries in the series. And it seems that Lagertha could breathe her last in the fifth installment as Ivar might end up killing the character this time.

But for now people are actually looking forward to Vikings Season 5 release date. And the entry is surely going to come up with innumerable shockers which might leave viewers jaw-dropped.

Vikings Season 5: Show to Appear on SDCC 2017, Without Travis Fimmel

a few months ago

Katheryn Winnick who portrays Lagertha on Vikings is known for updating her fans about the upcoming season either through her social media accounts. Recently she announced that Vikings will be heading to San Diego Comic Con festival 2017. But now it has been said that Travis Fimmel won’t be a part of it. We already know that Ragnar will now appear on Vikings Season 5 as the character breathed his last in the previous entry. Therefore, this news may sound legit to most.

Vikings Season 5

Fimmel’s absence at the SDCC 2017 came into the picture when Inquisitr reported about the same. People will certainly miss his presence at the festival but at the same time viewers are excited to see Alexander Ludwig, Gustaf Skarsgaard and Winnick at SDDC this year.

The forthcoming season of the historical drama series has been surrounded with quite a lot of speculations but all that the viewers are looking out for right now is the actual Vikings Season 5 release date. Sources say that the upcoming installment will premiere on History channel by the end of this year. Winnick even once took to her official Instagram handle and posted a post-production image of the installment through which she indicated that Vikings Season 5 will hit small screens soon.

According to few reports, viewers may this time get to witness the death of Bjorn. The character is said to visit Mediterranean for raiding but he may have possibilities of dying while doing so. Nothing has been confirmed at this point as this is a sheer speculation. But we surely can envision the death of some more central characters in the new installment.

And on the other hand, Sigurd who was killed by an axe in the previously telecast season can also come back to the show. Many fan theories say that the character might have escaped his death due to which his appearance has chances of taking place.

Vikings Season 5 may have possibilities of premiering by end 2017 but we certainly can surmise to come across some more rumors related to the forthcoming installment.

Alex Høgh Andersen’s Mockumentary Hints the Show Might Conclude After Vikings Season 5

a few months ago

The forthcoming entry of Vikings is making headlines almost every single day. Some of the cast members make sure to update their fans with the upcoming installment and it seems that the release date of the entry could be rolled out soon. Apart from the Vikings Season 5 rumors are certainly pouring like anything these days but recent reports have also highlighted something about the sixth installment.

Alex Høgh Andersen’s mockumentary, Cold on the Top, which won the best screenplay award highlighted a fictional Andersen but a part of it made Vikings fans jittery. There is a scene in the mockumentary which depicts Hvitserk stating that Vikings will come to a conclusion after the telecast of its first season. This news is certainly not officially because of which we right now cannot really contemplate about it.

Coming back to Vikings Season 5 rumors, it has also been said that Bjorn could breathe his last in the upcoming season. And this might sound legit as several central character dies in the previously telecast installment. Therefore, the makers this time might plan on including the death of some more characters.

Almost every report on Vikings Season 5 released date has stated that the new entry in the historical drama series has every possibility of premiering by the end of 2017. But the exact date has not been disclosed until now. The shooting for all the episodes of the new season has already been done due to which showrunners could declare the release date quite soon.

Getting deep into the speculations related to the forthcoming entry in the series, Sigurd has chances of getting back to the show. Sources say that the character might have escaped his death when his brother Ivar planted an axe on his abdomen. But we cannot be sure of it right away and have to wait until the premiere of the fifth installment.

We might end up getting more insight into the Vikings Season 5 rumors. And people are anxiously waiting to release their patience level by getting an idea about the official release date of the entry.

Vikings Season 5 Release Date to be Announced Soon

a few months ago

The climax of Vikings Season 4 made fans quite frenzied regarding the upcoming entry. There are several speculations related to the installment which emerge almost every day and now it seems that the release date of Vikings Season 5 could be announced soon.

Reports earlier stated that the filming of the upcoming entry had finally come to a conclusion. Therefore, people are expecting Vikings Season 5 to get rolled out soon. It seems that the surmise might be true as Katheryn Winnick, who portrays Lagertha on the show, has hinted about the same.

Winnick took to her Instagram handle recently and posted a post-production picture of Vikings Season 5. The caption of the image indicated that the next entry in the series has possibilities of hitting small screens soon. This particular hint by Winnick has made fans more thrilled and now they cannot wait to known about the exact release date of Vikings Season 5.

A recent speculation regarding Vikings Season 5 made fans quite shocked as sources said that Sigurd, who was killed in the previous entry by Ivar might come back in the next installment. It has been said that Sigurd might have escaped his death and got unconscious when he was hit by the axe. This particular rumor is at rife and every other Vikings fan is waiting to get more insight into it. But we cannot draw a conclusion until Vikings Season 5 gets telecast on History channel.

Several pivotal characters die in the fourth entry of the historical drama series which certainly left fans dispirited. The same situation can emerge in the upcoming entry as well and reports have already stated that Bjorn could breathe his last in Vikings Season 5. And this might take place when Bjorn would go for raiding in the Mediterranean.

We already know how Lagertha killed Aslaug in Vikings Season 4 due to which it has been speculated that this time Aslaug’s sons could be the reason for Lagertha’s death. So does that mean that Lagertha will meet her end in Vikings Season 5?

The makers of Vikings might not have declared the exact release date of the upcoming season but fans are certainly waiting to get more insight into the installment.

Vikings Season 5: Here’s Why Sigurd Could be Alive

a few months ago

The shooting for Vikings Season 5 has already come to a conclusion but it seems that every other day some or the other speculation is pouring in. And this will certainly happen until the new installment gets broadcast of History channel. The historical drama series which created ineradicable mark on the small screens has delivered four successful and victorious installments due to which the expectations from Vikings Season 5 has certainly elevated to a great extent. Talking about rumors related to the next season, we did see Sigurd’s death which was caused by the ferocious Ivar. But now it seems that the character could actually make a comeback on the fifth season.

Is Sigurd still alive?

There are quite a lot of theories which are emerging regarding the speculation, and sources say that Sigurd did not die when Ivar planted an axe on his abdomen rather he might have been unconscious due to that. However, fans also think that just because the axe was too small, it might not have killed Sigurd.

If at all Sigurd happens to be alive and reappear on the show, then the tables would surely turn and something jaw-dropping may take place. So can we say that Sigurd’s wrath for Ivar will grow and he will try his best to take the revenge from his brother?

Even after the filming has come to a conclusion, people are still not aware of the release date of Vikings Season 5 but speculations highlight that the new entry in the series could get telecast by the end of this year. And on the other hand, some fans are envisioning the season to be out in Fall 2017.

Many of them are already getting impatient and anxious to witness the happenings of the fifth installment already. And the other rumors related to the show have made them more frenzy. Floki this time could make his fans jaw-dropped by discovering Iceland and this has almost every probability of happening as several sources have spoken about the same.

Vikings Season 5 might air a bit late but we are expecting to hear some more speculations related to the forthcoming entry.

Vikings Season 5 to Depict the Death of Bjorn?

a few months ago

Vikings Season 4 depicted quite a lot of bloodshed while several central characters breathed their last. Right from Ragnar to Aslaug to Helga, everyone’s demise left their fans dispirited and now we wonder if the show runners have planned to put an end to some other characters in Vikings Season 5 or not. That might have some possibilities as recent reports say that Bjorn might get killed in the upcoming installment.

It has been said that Bjorn might got to the Mediterranean yet again for raiding and this time he may get killed while doing so. We can expect him to get defeated which will cause the loss of his army men and several ships. This news has started spreading like fire and people have started mulling about it already.

We already saw the death Sigurd in the previously aired installment of Vikings but reports have also said that the character could actually be alive as he might have escaped his death. Nothing can be said at this moment because the show runners have not spoken about the expected incidents.

Lagertha killed Aslaug in Vikings Season 4 and now we hear that it’s time for Lagertha to breathe her last. Reports have stated that she could appear only in three episodes of Vikings Season 5 as this time Lagertha might get killed by the sons of Aslaug.

Ivar is envisioned to become more vindictive in the forthcoming season due to which he could kill Lagertha to take his revenge. Therefore, Vikings Season 5 is certainly going to portray some more jaw-dropping scenarios which will surely leave the viewers spellbound.

There are also some other characters who could fetch the limelight in Vikings Season 5 and one of them would we Bishop Heahmund. Both Ivar and Bishop are expected to get involved in a gruesome battle as both the characters are envisioned to for their own army and make a possible attack on each other.

Talking about the filming of the new installment, it has already come to a conclusion and now people are eagerly waiting for the maker of the show to announce the exact release date of Vikings Season 5.

Vikings Season 5 Filming Comes to a Conclusion, New Season is Envisioned to Telecast in Late 2017

a few months ago

The previously aired entry of Vikings depicted some of the most shocking deaths including the demise of Ragnar. Several central character of the show breathed their last on Vikings Season 4 due to which the limelight will now fall on Ivar who went with his father in Wessex when the former’s death was approaching. Fans will get to see a much more vengeful Ivar this time while they are also expecting some more killing to take place on Vikings Season 5.

Is Sigurd still alive?

The filming of the next series recently came to a conclusion but nothing has been spoken about the release date of Vikings Season 5 until now. However, speculations say that the next entry in the historical drama series may get telecast in late 2017. The showrunners invested a year in filming for Vikings Season 5 and now the post production process of the installment is going on.

We already saw Ivar killing Sigurd at the end of the previously aired season but now speculations are at rife that Sigurd could appear yet again on Vikings Season 5. Fans have predicted that he might have escaped his death due to which some of them are envisioning his presence in the upcoming season.

Vikings Season 5 would be featuring 20 brand new episodes and each one of them is expected to be intruiguing. The potency this time is certainly going to soar and the installment might keep the viewers hooked to it throughout. Therefore, another victorious season from Michael Hirst can be anticipated.

Coming back to Sigurd’s expected appearances on Vikings Season 5, it might not turn out to be true as well because the sneak peak video which came out recently did depict a funeral. And a glimpse of Ivar was also shown during the funeral. Most people think that it was Sigurd’s funeral which was shown in the video but now that speculations say something else, we can actually expect something else.

The showrunners of Vikings has most been credited for the series’ premium production set up and this time also we can anticipate to witness a first-rate set and locations in Vikings Season 5.

Vikings Season 5 will also focus on Floki this time as he might end up discovering Iceland. There are a lot more scenarios which would take place on the upcoming installment and each one of those scenes would surely leave us thrilled.

Vikings Season 5: Rollo Might be Seen in an All New Avatar

7 months ago

The previous season of Vikings turned out to be quite jaw-dropping as some of the unexpected scenarios took place. But some of the viewers were not that shocked when Ragnar took his last breath. While the deaths of Aslaug, Helga, Sigurd and King Ecbert came as a thunderbolt for the fandom. And now, the viewers try to look out for every little spoiler regarding Vikings Season 5 which is expected to release in November 2017.

Vikings Season 5 Release Date | Vikings Season 5 Cast | Vikings Season 5 Rumors 

The fifth installment is definitely going to be extremely potent as a lot of revelations might emerge. We can also see Ivar turning out to be the most powerful character of the series as Ragnar is dead now. A possible clash between Bishop Heahmund and Ivar is anticipated by most of the fans wherein Ivar might also become more ferocious in the new installment. However, the sneak peak video of Vikings Season 5 has already come out and the initial part of it depicts the funeral of Sigurd while Seer hints that there would be more to the consequences of Ragnar’s death. The viewers also witnessed Floki standing in front of Iceland in the video which is a clear indication that Floki will be discovering the Nordic Island country in Vikings Season 5.

But the absence of Rollo in the sneak peak video raised a lot of questions and some of the fans even predicted that he might not be a part of season 5 at all. But Clive Standen himself stated that the viewers should expect Rollo to appear as a completely different character in Vikings Season 5.

The emergence of this news has made the fans extremely frenzy as they have already started mulling about the change in Rollo’s character which has been hinted. This is a great sigh of relief for all the Clive Standen fans as people predicted that he might not be seen portraying Rollo on Vikings anymore as the actor is supposed to play the lead character in NBC’s Taken.

Bishop Heahmund, who got introduced to the fans in second part of Vikings Season 4 is going to be another central character of the series. Bishop is played by the celebrated actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers who was seen in August Rush, and by going by his fan followers, the actor is surely going to fetch a lot more recognition through Vikings. He will be witnessed forming his own army in order to attack Ivar’s army men; therefore, the clash between the two is going to be humongous.

Each and every season of Vikings has been immensely engaging and with the death of some of the central characters, the upcoming installment might turn out to be exceptionally engaging by putting some of the other characters into the limelight.

Vikings has been attracting countless entertainment fanatics ever since its first installment had hit the television screens but this time the tables are going to turn because of Ragnar’s death. Revenge would be in everyone’s mind, especially Ivar, so Vikings Season 5 has all the possibilities of becoming the most engrossing season ever.