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Vikings Season 5 Release Date and Epic New Trailer Revealed

a few months ago

The next season of Vikings is currently on its way. We were already aware that the show was to helm a very interesting panel at SDCC 2017, replete with new information about the Vikings Season 5 release date and more. It is not surprising that fans’ wishes have been gratified on that front, but what has everyone excited is the brand new trailer that gives a glimpse of the tumultuous plot of the upcoming entry.

Vikings Season 5 Trailer

Vikings Season 5 Release Date

It was earlier predicted that the new installment of Vikings would be rolled out in November, and the officially announced Vikings Season 5 release date complies with that. The new entry will begin airing on History from November 29. Moreover, the season will kick off with a two-hour long premier, which will lay out the grounding for the rest of the epic happenings to come.

Vikings returns to History with regular cast members Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha), Gustaf Skarsgård (Floki), Alexander Ludwig (Bjorn), and Alex Høgh (Ivar), alongside many more.

Vikings Season 5 Trailer

As is to be expected, it looks as if everything is about to fall apart when the installment begins airing in late November this year. And going by the looks of the new Vikings Season 5 trailer, perhaps the characters will be no closer to a resolution by the end of the 20 episode-long run.

The trailer of Vikings Season 5 from SDCC 2017 gives a lot of importance to Ivar and his rise. As has already been speculated, Ragnar’s son will command center stage in the new entry, and he will have some very intriguing face-offs. In that vein, the trailer also shows us a bit of Jonathan Rhys Meyers (August Rush, The Tudors) as Bishop Heahmund. But the highlight of the video is undoubtedly the tensions rising as a civil war wages: epic battle scenes result in disembodied heads rolling on the ground. Amidst all this chaos, the end of the trailer is sobering. One sits and watches a volcano erupt- a clear metaphor for the way things are about to unfold, as another speaks the words “The end of the world is here” elsewhere.

Wrap Up

Vikings Season 5 will be a show of grand proportions, and while it is not yet known if the upcoming entry will be the final one, there is still a long way to go before all the existing threads can be brought together to form a sense of finality. As the threats of war looms large, all we can think of is: how far-reaching will the consequences of Ragnar’s death be? And what is in store for Queen Lagertha? Stay with us for more information on Vikings Season 5 as they come.

Vikings Season 5 Trailer/Teaser (Official)

10 months ago

Vikings Season 5 Trailer: With the ever so popular historical television drama that has been ruling the hearts of thousands; we come across yet another thrilling drama that has the complete amalgamation of power greed, lust and the immense need of being in power. The Vikings premiered on March 3, 2013 in Canada and the United States and with the constant determination of Ragnar Lothbrok the viewers were craving for this historical drama just like a vampire in a fiction novel craves for blood. Vikings is inspired by the sagas of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, who was one of the legendary Norse heroes and notorious as the scourge of England and France. The drama deals with the protagonist Ragnar who went against the king and successful raids into England, and becomes a Scandinavian king.

Vikings Season 5 Trailer: Lagertha and Queen Aslaug

After the success of the intense drama series namely The Tudors and Game of Thrones, Vikings have successfully won the heart of the viewers with the blatant display of the apparent greed of power play and the reach to the top. With the success and popularity of the first season of Vikings, the viewers got to witness high-quality Scandinavian for four seasons straight. For a true Vikings fan that is never enough, and therefore we finally break the news to you about the release of the trailer of Vikings Season 5.

Vikings Season 5: Expected Launch Date

  • We saw the season 4 of the hit drama series Vikings on February 18, 2016, where with only 20 episodes we were left hanging with a huge amount of impending questions waiting to be answered. Then came the extended 20 episode of the season 4 which we got to witness November 30th, and the fans found out where Ragnar has been all this time and how his sons reacted when he came back. With the ending of the season 4 we came to the conclusion that it was time for Rollo to reunite with the Vikings and take Ragnar captive. Along with that King Ecbert punished for his settlement in Wessex.
  • History renewed Vikings for a fifth season of 20 episodes, and with the looks of the trailer it seems that the protagonist Ragnar is up for some surprise. With the amount of rumors pouring in we get to hear about the fact that Ragnar might not be seen in this season much. Is it because his time as a ruling king has come to a halt and if this is the season where he is killed off then who is going to take Ragnar’s place as the leader of Kattegat?

In conclusion, we can say that the Vikings Season 5 trailer looks very promising and in terms of Ragnar, maybe this season we will get to see more of Lagertha, who will be seeking her revenge against her longtime romantic rival. In order to get all the answers we will have to wait till the premier of the Vikings season 5 which is said to be returning in History Channel in early 2017.