Vikings Season 5 Rumors/Spoilers

Vikings Season 5 Rumors: The popular history drama on History channel that has been ruling the hearts of thousands Vikings is all set with its season 5 and with the looks of the recently launched trailer we are up for some surprise. The fact that we do not seem to get enough of this historical drama that has the enticing portrayal of power greed, the Vikings season 5 is going to satisfy our quench for nail biting drama at least with 20 episodes for a while. Speaking of the protagonist Ragnar, who along with other important characters were seen struggling with the burden of being the King, and finding out their true identity and their search for their true self in the entire divided season 4 of Vikings, the viewers waited for the next season, and it seems like our need has been answered with the trailer of Vikings season 5.

Vikings Season 5 Rumors & Speculations

Season 5 will be epic as reported by a popular daily. Vikings S05 Rumors are a very important part of a hit series as this helps us to come up with reasons as to why this drama series is worth the watch, and Vikings recent rumors are no different. With the apparent inclusion of characters with every season the complexity of each important characters are coming to the surface and being baffled with the revelation seems natural. Here are some of the Vikings Season 5 spoilers that have come across for the latest season, and we assure you that these are worth your time and the raising of the eyebrow.

The New Leader of Kattegat?

According to the latest news, we hear that Ragnar played by Travis Fimmel would not be seen in the entire season. The fact being that his character, Ragnar Lothbrok, will be killed off in this season. So we are left with the impending question as to who will take Ragnar’s place as the leader of Kattegat? We are curious to know about Travis Fimmel’s exit from the show and we get to know that he is busy with his Hollywood film project alongside Kate Bosworth and Forest Whitaker. 

The character of Floki played by Gustaf Skarsgård, who is seen to come out with his troubled character, would be seen making some serious changes in this season.

In terms of the next ascendant on the throne, we hear that with Bjorn will be off for conquering the Mediterranean, and his other sons are not quite fit to come into power. Talking about the fate of Bjorn in Vikings Season 5, we could probably see him breathe his last in the new installment. As per reports, the character could get killed while raiding in Mediterranean because of which a loss of several ships as well as his army can be caused.

​We have already seen Sigurd’s demise in the previous installment but it seems that the character is making quite a lot of headlines these days. Recent reports have highlighted that Sigurd may have high chances of coming back on the show as he may have escaped his death. Some fans also feel that the axe which hit his abdomen was quite small to kill him. Therefore, he might be a part of Vikings Season 5. And if at all the character comes back to the show, we can envision a brawl between Ivar and Sigurd.

With these spoilers coming through to us, we feel that in this season we are going to get answers of several impending questions that are ever present in our minds since the release of the trailer online. So till then we have to wait for the premier of Vikings season 5 which is going to be on air by the late of 2017.

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