Vikings Season 5 Release Date/Air Date

Vikings Season 5 Release Date: One of the highly speculated series of History Channel Vikings is right now gearing up for its fifth instalment which is expected to hit the screens in November, 2017. Vikings season 5 got greenlit by History on March 17, 2016, and the new entry will consists of 20 brand new episodes. Vikings Season 4 acquired an approval rating of 92% from Rotten Tomatoes which came up to 8.3 out of 10 on the basis of just twelve reviews. Even the viewership amassed by the previous instalment was quite impressive which made the makers of the show deliver yet another victorious entry. And with such critical responses Vikings Season 5 was bound to get renewed by the Network. The next instalment has a lot to unveil as the previous one ended with a cliffhanger. The excitement is elevating and the curiosity buds are set to get released. Therefore, the upcoming season is highly awaited by each and every fan. However, Viking Season 5 release date have not yet been finalized or officially announced.

Vikings Season 5 Release Date

Release Dates of Vikings (All Seasons) Till Date

  • Airing its pilot episode on March 3, 2013, Season 1 of Vikings comprised of 9 episodes which ended on April 28, 2013, after which the History Channel made an announcement regarding the renewal.
  • Season 2 started airing from February 27, 2014, where it comprised of 10 episodes and last episode aired on May 1, 2014.
  • Looking forward to its rate of popularity which increased with every episode and of course seasons, the makers locked Vikings for the third time thus taking the air schedule from February 19, 2015 till April 23, 2015.
  • The Season 4 was made under huge expectations from critics as well as the audiences so the creators thought to cut it into two parts thus making Vikings the most watched and adorable televisions series of History Channel.

Vikings Seasons

Release Date

1st season

March 3, 2013

2nd season

February 27, 2014

3rd season

February 19th, 2015

4th season (1st Part)

​18th Feb, 2016

Vikings Season 4 (2nd Part)

30 November, 2016

Vikings Season 5

November, 2016 (Tentative)

Vikings Season 5 Air Date and Latest Updates

The 4th season of Vikings first aired on February 18, 2016, thus comprising of 10 episodes where various characters signed off, made a comeback and were introduced subsequently taking the show as most preferred series after Game of Thrones, Westworld, and so on. The respective separated in two parts its final episode got aired in April 21, 2016. The second half got aired from November 30, 2016 and ended on February 1, 2017.

Alex Hoegh Andersen (Ivar) recently revealed in his Instagram account that the Vikings Season 5 is coming later this year. Moreover, Michael Hirst the creator of the show informed in a press conference that he has finished writing the first 8 episodes of season 5, only two episodes to go. History channel also released the sneak peak of Vikings Season 5 in the official Facebook page of Vikings where we can see that Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Bishop Heamund) going to play a crucial role in the upcoming season.

As excited as we are about Jonathan Rhys Meyers joining the cast member, we have gotten more excited about another actor joining the show next season. It has been officially confirmed that Adam Copeland or better known as WWE Superstar Edge has joined the cast of Vikings season 5. Although we still don’t have a release date for Vikings season 5, we do know Copeland will be bringing to the show. He’ll be playing a Norse King of the Isles named Ketill Björnsson who had lived in the 9th century. Björnsson was nicknamed Flatnose and therefore often called Ketill Flatnose. History has it that he migrated along with his family to Iceland. The show, Ketill is a brave and fierce warrior leader who would be chosen by Floki to lead a group of Vikings to go to Iceland to establish a community there. It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t Copeland’s first acting gig. The previous professional wrestler and a member of the WWE Hall of Famer had appeared in projects like Weakest Link, Mind of Mencia, Deal or No Deal, MADtv, The Flash, Endgame and WWE Studios' Bending the Rules, among other things. Copeland recently appeared on Syfy’s Haven and WWE’s action-thriller Interrogation.

The production house of Vikings has already ordered 20 episodes for the season 5 and judging by the pattern we can say that it will also be released in two parts just as season 4. We may expect at least 8 months of gap as production on the upcoming Vikings season is set to hit the floor this summer. Vikings is History channel's first original scripted show; therefore, the expectation is sky-high and thus many is waiting for the official confirmation regarding Vikings Season 5 Release Date.

Update: Recently Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha) shared a new picture of her sitting in a brand new throne on her official Instagram account. It seems like the picture was part of the official photoshoot of the upcoming Vikings Season 5. She termed it as her "new chair". We can surely predict that the story of the season 5 will vastly going around Lagertha and Kattegat. 

My new chair.. #Lagertha #queen #myassisstayingputIvar

A post shared by Katheryn Winnick (@katherynwinnick) on

Vikings Season 5 Release Date/Air Date: November 2017?

Final episode Vikings Season 4 aired on February 1, 2017, titled as 'The Reckoning'.Well, after the current season ends, History Channel has hinted that Vikings Season 5 might start air from mid of November 2017 as Creator Michael Hirst declares that the upcoming season might be bigger than the last one. However, Vikings Season 5 Release Date is yet to be officially announced, so nothing as such is confirmed as of now.

Rendering upon a rating of 8.5 out of 10 with a 100% approval Vikings will definitely create benchmark thus giving neck-to-neck competition to other period-drama series in the world of television.

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When is 2nd part of season 4 being released to DVD?

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