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Vikings Season 5 May Have More Deaths Than Ever

a couple of months ago

Vikings Season 5 has finally been made official with what can be called one of the most intriguing trailers to have come out of the SDCC 2017, and speculations have been flying in abundance. As difficult as it is to say who will be on the winning side, one thing is pretty clear. The number of deaths is going to soar this season.

Vikings has always had an emphasis on deaths since the start, and none of it feels overdone because of the era and locale it is set in. We have also lost some of our most favorite characters on the show, and one of the biggest blows had come in the form of Ragnar’s death. But as the aforementioned trailer foreshadowed, it is pretty clear that fans are going to have to deal with many more losses. So who do we think is going to die in Vikings Season 5?

Going by the developments so far, the one character that we fear for the most is Lagertha. The fearless Queen of Kattegat has seen a steady rise in power, but it has been widely rumored that her flight of success is going to be cut short. As to how she will die is yet unclear, but popular theory suggests it will be by the hand of Ivar. But war is coming, and there are so many ways she can meet her fate.

Lagertha is not the only ruler who could meet her end in Vikings Season 5. Some theories suggest that Harald Finehair may also meet his end in Vikings Season 5, and Ivar could be the perpetrator behind this royal death as well. Whatever Harald is doing right now, he has never veered from his original ambition of defeating the Lothbroks and claim all the lands for himself. Perhaps he will succeed, and that will not bode well for him.Another character who could die in the upcoming entry in Bishop Heahmund. There’s an epic clash building up between Heahmund and Ivar The Boneless, and it could very well be that the latter would find a way to finish him for good.

However, what fans are most worried about is another death among the Lothbroks. Ragnar’s death came as what was probably the biggest shock on the show, and his sons are vying for revenge. But no tale of vengeance ever ended in perfection. And a lot could happen in the wake of Ivar and Ubbe’s battle. Besides these two, speculations also suggest that Bjorn could face an unfortunate situation in Vikings Season 5.

Vikings Season 5 release date is approaching, and our readers will undoubtedly see a lot of new information, rumors, and crazy theories right here on this site. So stay put by bookmarking this page, and let us know your thoughts.

Vikings Season 5 Rumors: Clive Standen to Reinvent Rollo’s Character

a few months ago

Clive Standen’s character Rollo did not get much screen space in the previous installment, but it seems that people are going to see an all new avatar of him this time. The recent Vikings Season 5 rumors indicate that Standen will be reinventing the character due to which we might get to witness another side of Rollo.

Standen himself spoke about the same as he said that the creator of the show, Michael Hirst has always allowed him to come up with something different related to Rollo. And people are definitely going to see a divergent shade of him in Vikings Season 5. And it would be something quite shocking for viewers as they might not end up expecting that.

Speculations of Vikings Season 5 are at rife, and it seems that Bjorn who went for a war to Spain with Rollo will breathe his last in the upcoming installment. It has been highlighted that the character might be killed while raiding in Mediterranean. But we cannot really be sure of it at this moment as the news has not been confirmed by the showrunners of the web TV series.

​The fourth season of the series was full of bloodshed, and the death of few central characters even made fans weep. And we can certainly expect the demise of some more pivotal characters in the new season.

And on the other hand, other Vikings Season 5 spoilers also indicate the death of Lagertha. We already know that Lagertha was the reason behind Aslaug’s demise and it did affect Ivar a lot. New reports have stated that Ivar might end up killing Lagertha in the forthcoming entry to take his ultimate revenge. Sources previously did highlight about the character’s demise, but it’s only now that viewers got an insight into the reason behind it. Fans have already started expecting the scenario to take place but we can only draw a line after the broadcast of Vikings Season 5.

​If you are an avid Vikings fan and also have your own opinions about its upcoming entry or want to share something regarding the Vikings Season 5 rumors, you can go ahead and post your comment below. You can also like and share our page if you find it insightful.

Vikings Season 5 Rumors: Lagertha’s End May Be Looming Large

a few months ago

The release date of the forthcoming entry of Vikings may not have been officially declared until now, but we end up getting more insight into Vikings Season 5 rumors with each passing day. And now we get to hear another rumor which has kept people wondering. Viewers have already started expecting Ivar to take revenge from several people on Vikings Season 5 but it seems that he will finally vent out his anger on Lagertha this time.

​And when we talk about revenge, we can only expect bloodshed. Therefore, Ivar might end up killing Lagertha in the fifth entry of Vikings. This may sound legit because Ivar was the closest to Aslaug and her death did bother him. We have already seen Lagertha killing Aslaug in the previously aired installment, and this time Ivar has high possibilities of giving it back to her. Therefore, the upcoming season is certainly going to be much absorbing.

Vikings Season 5 rumors have also pointed that there might be a huge clash between Ivar and Bishop Heahmund as they both could initiate a possible attack on each other. Heahmund is certainly going to be one of the crucial characters of the upcoming installment and now people are looking forward to seeing how he turns out to be in Vikings Season 5.

The fourth installment of the historical drama series depicted quite a lot of deaths and we could witness some more central characters breathing their last in the new entry. Speculations have already pointed out that Bjorn could die while raiding in Mediterranean and people have started mulling about the scenario.

And on the other hand, we may also get to witness Sigurd’s comeback on Vikings Season 5. Several people have said that the character was not dead when Ivar had hit him with an axe as the weapon was too small to kill someone. Therefore, there could be a possibility of witnessing the character yet again.

​Vikings Season 5 rumors have kept every fan quite thrilled. So if you agree with most of the speculations and have something else on your mind as well, then you can give your opinions in the comment section below.

Vikings Season 5 Rumors State Ivar Could Kill Bishop Heahmund in the Upcoming Entry

a few months ago

Vikings Season 5 rumors have been pouring in like anything ever since the conclusion of its filming. And it won’t be shocking if something else comes your way. In fact there is already a speculation which might make you wonder yet again. The recent rumors say that Bishop Heahmund, who got introduced to audiences in the fourth entry, could possibly get killed by Ivar on Vikings Season 5.

We already have got a hint of the major face-off between Ivar and Heahmund but the news of the former’s death has shocked most of the Vikings fans. The recent speculation has not been confirmed officially yet due to which we cannot be sure of it right away. If discussed more about Vikings Season 5 rumors, we can envision Sigurd to get back to the show and if this happens, the scenario will surely leave viewers jaw-dropped.

There is also a theory on Sigurd’s comeback which says that Sigurd might have been unconscious and dead when Ivar had hit him with the axe. And many fans have also said that the axe was too small to kill Sigurd. Therefore, we can predict the fifth installment of the historical drama series to be more engaging than the previous entries.

If talked about Vikings Season 5 release date, the new installment is anticipated to hit History Channel by 2017 end. In fact reports suggested that the entry could get rolled out in the month of November. The actual premiere date has not been out officially until now due to which viewers are certainly getting impatient. But we expect the makers to the show to come up with the official Vikings Season 5 release date soon.

We may get to see more deaths taking place on the new installment of Vikings. The previously telecast season was all about bloodshed and viewers did weep on watching their favorite character’s death.

Clive Standen on the other hand, had said that his character Rollo will be presented in a different way on Vikings Season 5 due to which viewers are exhilarated to see his all new side.

Vikings Season 5 will certainly take quite a few months to hit the small screens but we can surmise to get more insight into the installment in the coming months.

Vikings Season 5 Rumors: Bishop Heahmund and Ivar Could Face a Major Clash

a few months ago

Vikings Season 5 rumors are pouring in every other day while the release date of the upcoming installment can be rolled out at any point of time. Recent reports highlighted Katheryn Winnick’s Instagram recent post which indicated that the new entry’s premier date can be declared soon. But the interest has currently shifted towards Bishop Heahmund.

Heahmund, who was introduced at the end of Vikings Season 4, could be one of the pivotal characters of the forthcoming entry. We have already got an insight into his character in the previously aired episode. The sword which he carried kept few viewers wondering due to the word which was embedded in it. ‘Ananyzapata’ is what it read and reports have stated that it could mean a magical spell.

We will certainly get to know a lot about Heahmund in Vikings Season 5 as Ivar and he might face a major clash. Sources had earlier highlighted that both the characters may form their own army of men and attack on each other. Getting deep into the speculations of Vikings Season 5, Heahmund is also anticipated to capture Ubbe and Hvitserk.

And on the other hand, Heahmund is also predicted to kill Ubbe in Vikings Season 5. Nothing has been confirmed about this particular news at this moment due to which we cannot draw a line right away.

Coming back to Vikings Season 5 release date, it might not have been officially declared yet but there are certainly reports which have speculated about the same. We can envision the new installment to premier by the end of this year.

Another speculation associated with the fifth entry of Vikings which is at rife is Sigurd’s comeback. According to fans, the character took his last breath in the previously telecast season but sources say that he might have escaped his death and could come back to the show yet again.

Vikings Season 5 is certainly going to be more deadly and intriguing as several other revelations would be made. The fans are already quite frenzied and now they are anxiously waiting for the forthcoming entry to premiere. And we can envision a some new Vikings Season 5 rumours coming on our way.

Vikings Season 5 Rumors/Spoilers

10 months ago

Vikings Season 5 Rumors: The popular history drama on History channel that has been ruling the hearts of thousands Vikings is all set with its season 5 and with the looks of the recently launched trailer we are up for some surprise. The fact that we do not seem to get enough of this historical drama that has the enticing portrayal of power greed, the Vikings season 5 is going to satisfy our quench for nail biting drama at least with 20 episodes for a while. Speaking of the protagonist Ragnar, who along with other important characters were seen struggling with the burden of being the King, and finding out their true identity and their search for their true self in the entire divided season 4 of Vikings, the viewers waited for the next season, and it seems like our need has been answered with the trailer of Vikings season 5.

Vikings Season 5 Rumors & Speculations

Season 5 will be epic as reported by a popular daily. Vikings S05 Rumors are a very important part of a hit series as this helps us to come up with reasons as to why this drama series is worth the watch, and Vikings recent rumors are no different. With the apparent inclusion of characters with every season the complexity of each important characters are coming to the surface and being baffled with the revelation seems natural. Here are some of the Vikings Season 5 spoilers that have come across for the latest season, and we assure you that these are worth your time and the raising of the eyebrow.

The New Leader of Kattegat?

According to the latest news, we hear that Ragnar played by Travis Fimmel would not be seen in the entire season. The fact being that his character, Ragnar Lothbrok, will be killed off in this season. So we are left with the impending question as to who will take Ragnar’s place as the leader of Kattegat? We are curious to know about Travis Fimmel’s exit from the show and we get to know that he is busy with his Hollywood film project alongside Kate Bosworth and Forest Whitaker. 

The character of Floki played by Gustaf Skarsgård, who is seen to come out with his troubled character, would be seen making some serious changes in this season.

In terms of the next ascendant on the throne, we hear that with Bjorn will be off for conquering the Mediterranean, and his other sons are not quite fit to come into power. Talking about the fate of Bjorn in Vikings Season 5, we could probably see him breathe his last in the new installment. As per reports, the character could get killed while raiding in Mediterranean because of which a loss of several ships as well as his army can be caused.

​We have already seen Sigurd’s demise in the previous installment but it seems that the character is making quite a lot of headlines these days. Recent reports have highlighted that Sigurd may have high chances of coming back on the show as he may have escaped his death. Some fans also feel that the axe which hit his abdomen was quite small to kill him. Therefore, he might be a part of Vikings Season 5. And if at all the character comes back to the show, we can envision a brawl between Ivar and Sigurd.

With these spoilers coming through to us, we feel that in this season we are going to get answers of several impending questions that are ever present in our minds since the release of the trailer online. So till then we have to wait for the premier of Vikings season 5 which is going to be on air by the late of 2017.