Vikings Season 5 to Depict the Death of Bjorn?

11 months ago

Vikings Season 4 depicted quite a lot of bloodshed while several central characters breathed their last. Right from Ragnar to Aslaug to Helga, everyone’s demise left their fans dispirited and now we wonder if the show runners have planned to put an end to some other characters in Vikings Season 5 or not. That might have some possibilities as recent reports say that Bjorn might get killed in the upcoming installment.

Vikings Season 5 Cast

It has been said that Bjorn might got to the Mediterranean yet again for raiding and this time he may get killed while doing so. We can expect him to get defeated which will cause the loss of his army men and several ships. This news has started spreading like fire and people have started mulling about it already.

We already saw the death Sigurd in the previously aired installment of Vikings but reports have also said that the character could actually be alive as he might have escaped his death. Nothing can be said at this moment because the show runners have not spoken about the expected incidents.

Lagertha killed Aslaug in Vikings Season 4 and now we hear that it’s time for Lagertha to breathe her last. Reports have stated that she could appear only in three episodes of Vikings Season 5 as this time Lagertha might get killed by the sons of Aslaug.

Ivar is envisioned to become more vindictive in the forthcoming season due to which he could kill Lagertha to take his revenge. Therefore, Vikings Season 5 is certainly going to portray some more jaw-dropping scenarios which will surely leave the viewers spellbound.

There are also some other characters who could fetch the limelight in Vikings Season 5 and one of them would we Bishop Heahmund. Both Ivar and Bishop are expected to get involved in a gruesome battle as both the characters are envisioned to for their own army and make a possible attack on each other.

Talking about the filming of the new installment, it has already come to a conclusion and now people are eagerly waiting for the maker of the show to announce the exact release date of Vikings Season 5.

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