Vikings Season 5 Filming Comes to a Conclusion, New Season is Envisioned to Telecast in Late 2017

a few months ago

The previously aired entry of Vikings depicted some of the most shocking deaths including the demise of Ragnar. Several central character of the show breathed their last on Vikings Season 4 due to which the limelight will now fall on Ivar who went with his father in Wessex when the former’s death was approaching. Fans will get to see a much more vengeful Ivar this time while they are also expecting some more killing to take place on Vikings Season 5.

Is Sigurd still alive?

The filming of the next series recently came to a conclusion but nothing has been spoken about the release date of Vikings Season 5 until now. However, speculations say that the next entry in the historical drama series may get telecast in late 2017. The showrunners invested a year in filming for Vikings Season 5 and now the post production process of the installment is going on.

We already saw Ivar killing Sigurd at the end of the previously aired season but now speculations are at rife that Sigurd could appear yet again on Vikings Season 5. Fans have predicted that he might have escaped his death due to which some of them are envisioning his presence in the upcoming season.

Vikings Season 5 would be featuring 20 brand new episodes and each one of them is expected to be intruiguing. The potency this time is certainly going to soar and the installment might keep the viewers hooked to it throughout. Therefore, another victorious season from Michael Hirst can be anticipated.

Coming back to Sigurd’s expected appearances on Vikings Season 5, it might not turn out to be true as well because the sneak peak video which came out recently did depict a funeral. And a glimpse of Ivar was also shown during the funeral. Most people think that it was Sigurd’s funeral which was shown in the video but now that speculations say something else, we can actually expect something else.

The showrunners of Vikings has most been credited for the series’ premium production set up and this time also we can anticipate to witness a first-rate set and locations in Vikings Season 5.

Vikings Season 5 will also focus on Floki this time as he might end up discovering Iceland. There are a lot more scenarios which would take place on the upcoming installment and each one of those scenes would surely leave us thrilled.

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