Vikings Season 5 Rumors State Ivar Could Kill Bishop Heahmund in the Upcoming Entry

a few months ago

Vikings Season 5 rumors have been pouring in like anything ever since the conclusion of its filming. And it won’t be shocking if something else comes your way. In fact there is already a speculation which might make you wonder yet again. The recent rumors say that Bishop Heahmund, who got introduced to audiences in the fourth entry, could possibly get killed by Ivar on Vikings Season 5.

We already have got a hint of the major face-off between Ivar and Heahmund but the news of the former’s death has shocked most of the Vikings fans. The recent speculation has not been confirmed officially yet due to which we cannot be sure of it right away. If discussed more about Vikings Season 5 rumors, we can envision Sigurd to get back to the show and if this happens, the scenario will surely leave viewers jaw-dropped.

Vikings Season 5 Rumors

There is also a theory on Sigurd’s comeback which says that Sigurd might have been unconscious and dead when Ivar had hit him with the axe. And many fans have also said that the axe was too small to kill Sigurd. Therefore, we can predict the fifth installment of the historical drama series to be more engaging than the previous entries.

If talked about Vikings Season 5 release date, the new installment is anticipated to hit History Channel by 2017 end. In fact reports suggested that the entry could get rolled out in the month of November. The actual premiere date has not been out officially until now due to which viewers are certainly getting impatient. But we expect the makers to the show to come up with the official Vikings Season 5 release date soon.

We may get to see more deaths taking place on the new installment of Vikings. The previously telecast season was all about bloodshed and viewers did weep on watching their favorite character’s death.

Clive Standen on the other hand, had said that his character Rollo will be presented in a different way on Vikings Season 5 due to which viewers are exhilarated to see his all new side.

Vikings Season 5 will certainly take quite a few months to hit the small screens but we can surmise to get more insight into the installment in the coming months.

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