Vikings Season 5 First Look Revealed, Bishop Heahmund and Ivar are Set for a Battle

a few months ago

After waiting for quite a long time, viewers finally got an insight into Vikings Season 5 first look. Exclusively reported by Entertainment Weekly, the images focus on three of the most crucial characters of the show, Ivar, Bishop Heahmund and Bjorn. Therefore, the all new images of Vikings Season 5 have made fans exhilarated.

If you look carefully at the pictures, you will realize that Ivar and Heahmund are at the same battle field but the former is left dispirited and the latter looks quite determined. And Bjorn on the other hand, is seen riding on camel in a dessert.

Vikings Season 5 First Look

Earlier speculations had already highlighted that there would be a major face-off between Ivar and Heahmund in the upcoming installment. And now it seems that the scenario has every possibility of taking place.

First Look of Vikings Season 5

Coming to the character of Bjorn, we already know that he could go to the Mediterranean for raiding and might get killed there. But the recently rolled out image of Bjorn have kept the hopes of fans intact. And after the revelation of Vikings Season 5 pictures, fans are now waiting to witness his fate on the new installment.

Vikings Season 5 1st Look

The first look of Vikings Season 5 has elevated the excitement quotient of almost every fan. And now they are looking forward to get an insight into the release date of the entry. Talking about other rumors related to the forthcoming entry of the historical drama series, it has been said that Sigurd could be alive. We saw the character breathing his last in the previously aired season but several fan theories say that he might have escaped his death. But we cannot say anything regarding the speculation right now and need to wait for the telecast of the fifth season.

​Vikings Season 5 first look has certainly made fans excited but they are looking forward to get more insight into the happenings of the new entry. And the upcoming installment is definitely going to keep viewers hooked on to it.

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