Methods to increase FPS in CS:GO

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a world-famous game. The shooter was released in 2012, but it is still popular. Gamers who play on weak PCs face low FPS in Counter-Strike. The frame rate in CS:GO on a laptop or desktop computer can be improved in several ways. Most often, players can change game settings and optimize the operating system.

Why does FPS decrease

Initially, the system requirements for CS:GO were modest. They are listed on Steam:

  • operating system: Vista, 7, 8;
  • video card: 256 MB, support DirectX 9;
  • RAM: 2 GB;
  • processor: AMP Phenom X3 or Intel Core 2 Duo.

The question of how to increase the FPS in KS GO on a laptop arises because the game is constantly being improved. Developers are releasing its updates, expanding maps, improving graphics. The drop in FPS can also be associated with computer settings: programs, graphics card.

Ways to optimize

There are several ways to optimize the game. Not the main one, but one of the most important is cleaning the PC from dust and changing the thermal paste. Such a preventive measure is needed to reduce the temperature of components and improve stability. On a weak computer without an SSD, you can additionally defragment the disk. To do this, go to the "Tools" tab in the properties of the C drive and select the "Disk defragmentation" option.

Uninstalling Game Booster

Experienced gamers do not recommend installing booster programs and other third-party software to optimize your system. They close background processes and change the priority of the game, but take up a lot of memory themselves. Game Fair, GameMain, Razer Game Booster, and other programs can be uninstalled from "Explorer" - in the "Add/Remove Programs" section.

Reinstalling Windows

To increase the FPS in KS GO, you can reinstall the operating system. In Windows 10 and older versions of the OS this method helps to solve many problems with your PC. When you use your computer for a long time, the registry gets clogged. After reinstalling the OS and configuring the software, it is necessary to perform a number of actions, in particular, to remove all autoloading applications. Additionally, it is advisable to activate the maximum performance in the system settings and enable game mode. You also need to configure the power supply: go to "Control Panel" under "Hardware and Sound" - to the tab "Power" and activate there the option "High performance".

Video card parameters

By changing the video card settings, you can increase the FPS in CS:GO on a weak computer with a low-powered graphics gas pedal. CS:GO, to a greater extent uses the resources of the processor. Videocard plays a secondary role.

Owners of Nvidia graphics cards need to enter the "Image Adjustment" section in the "Nvidia Panels". In the "Program Settings" tab you need to select Counter-Strike, set the maximum performance and disable all types of antialiasing.

On a computer with an AMD video gas pedal, go to the "Video card" tab in the "Radeon settings" menu. It offers to disable dynamic resolution in motion, frame gap reduction, waiting for vertical refresh.

CS:GO game settings

The performance of the game can be improved by changing its settings, in particular, the launch settings. To find them, you need to right-click on the game in Steam, go to the "General" tab in the "Properties" and click on "Set startup parameters". To make changes through the console, you need to write "-console", and then (with a space) - these commands:

  1. -high (increase the priority of the game process);
  2. -novid (disabling splash screen at startup);
  3. -nod3d9ex (increase startup speed of CS);
  4. -threads x (set the number of logical CPUs);
  5. -noaafonts (turn off text anti-aliasing).

In the game's graphics settings you need to set the minimum values of all parameters, reduce the resolution and activate bilinear filtering. Multicore rendering should be left on.

If the actions listed in the article did not help, you need to upgrade your PC. The minimum required - from 8 GB RAM and a processor of i5 or higher (preferably i7), SSD - to speed up the launch of games and programs.

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