Best Headlamps for Hiking 2018

a few months ago

It is always interesting to plunge into the lap of nature through hiking or camping or even climbing. But nothing stands the thrill and adventure if you are at the mid of nature in pitch dark. The importance of the headlamps illuminates from there. In this article we will discuss some of the most crucial points the buyer must keep in mind while buying the Best Headlamps for him/her.

Some of the essential features of Best Headlamps

If you are a regular hiker or climber, then you already know what to look for in a good headlamp, but if are a beginner and already perplexed what to look for in your best headlamp, then follow the given points!

  • Durability
  • Longer battery life
  • Both the facilities of recharge and disposable battery
  • Light weight
  • Less battery consumption technology

Petzl Reactik+

The Petzl Reactik+ headlamp is perfect for the hikers and mountaineers as it offers a higher brightness (300 lumens spend a night in nature maximum battery life (maximum 17 hours) to walk or climb in pitch darkness. It has a Bluetooth chip that allows you to adjust the headlamp’s beam pattern, through a sensor which analyses the natural light and adjusts the beam pattern and brightness accordingly and thus the users don’t have to worry about regulating brightness in relation to battery consumption. The headlamp will adjust itself to achieve the best results. However, there is still option to choose between 3 different battery modes – Max Power (2.5 hours), Standard (5 hours) and Max Autonomy (10 hours). But, to get a maximum battery life of 17 hours, the reactive light to be turned off. It has a rechargeable battery with the help of a micro USB cable but the headlamp also works with the disposable batteries. This budget-friendly lightweight headlamp is thus the first of our list.

Black Diamond Spot

If you are looking for a hiking headlamp with longer battery life then Black Diamond Spot is the right choice for you. Suitable for hikers and mountaineers and also for runners, it offers a brightness of 300 lumens and beam distance of 80 meters. Comes with the ‘PowerTap’ technology, that helps you change the brightness easily and quickly. Black Diamond Spot offers the users simple but effective features and the battery level indicator is one of them. This headlamp provides the lock to achieve great durability. This lightweight headlamp (3.2 oz) works on three AAA batteries and three-level power meter shows remaining battery life. Black Diamond Spot is water protected against water immersion down to >1m and yet this headlamp does not make a hole in your pockets makes it one of the best headlamps.

Many hikers get confused while choosing the best headlamps for their next adventure and it is true that there are a number of them in the market. Just without making an unnecessarily long list of those, we have stick to two most commonly known as best headlamps with all the needed features, money saving and yet the best in the market. we can also check our buying guide about best hiking pants.

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