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There are two types of man, one who wants to experiment with the latest technology & opt for accessibility, practicability & usability of an electric shaver & the other type being the pristine, less expensive manual razor. With the technological advancement electric razors have the ability to do both, a wet shave & a dry shave. Electric shavers have a 99.9 % accuracy rate if used properly. Given the advancement there are all types electric shavers available in the market, three, four or five blade, rotary or foil type, wet or dry type, type with flexible head etc.

Here is a list for the top three electric shavers available in the market:

  • BARUN SERIES 9: Not recently released but recently updated. Serie 9 have the following models 9295cc, 9290cc, 9293s & 9095cc. Beautifully crafted with plastic & chromes, it feels sturdy, sleek & fits perfectly in hand. With excellent battery backup it can go up to an hour of usage with full charge. Its outstanding performance is due to two cutting elements which are “direct and cut” and another is designated “hyper-lift and cut” to cut hairs of different types in different areas like on neck & chin areas. All the models come with a charger & cleaner socket.

Priced starts at $ 199.

  • PANASONIC ARC 5: Models ES-LV9N-S, ES-LV9A-S, ES-LV9B-S have taken Panasonic’s electric shavers a notch up this time. A worthy mention for their hard work. Panasonic Arc5 With 5 cutting blades it is one of the best electric shaver money can buy. With a 14000-rpm motor it is one of the powerful shavers available in the market. With automatic charger & cleaning it has a LCD display, which displays the charge. Capable of both dry & wet shave it is 100 % waterproof. They have a pivoting head like the Braun, with the same type of lift and cut action provided by the reverse-taped foils.

PRICE: Starts at $ 135

  • REMINGTON F5-5800: This product from one of the oldest personal grooming company definitely has to make to the list just because of the fact that lot of us is looking for a product which is easy on the pockets but have a good shave. Remington F5-5800 is one of such product which can be trusted up on both the price & the quality. It uses a technology called “intercept trimmer” between the two foils which grabs longer hairs and trims them down to the shorter level. It doesn’t come with a cleaning unit obviously due to low price. It is also not water proof but water can be water washed.

Price Starts at $ 40.66

Now a day as the world is growing shorter the use of technologically advanced products is a boom to everyone’s life. Each of the products are best in the line ups for the respective companies. The first two works good for sensitive skin people too. This is not a countdown but are good shavers which can be used. You can let us know which model & make is your favorite in the comment below.

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